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NOT my wedding :)

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I find a post by 9gag said that, "You know you're old when you have more wedding invitation than a birthday party." and yeah, I know I'm old. It's my lifetime best friend's wedding!
It's a very late post btw, but who cares. It's Anda's wedding. \(^o^)/

beautiful isn't it?

I was very surprised when she mentioned about her boyfriend, which is also my high school and college friend, coming to her house, along with his parents. I thought there would be some engagement thing first, since Anda herself hadn't finish her medical school yet. But her parents said there's no need such engagement, "If you two really want to get marry, just marry then," that's what they said. Furthermore, Anda said that she would have her Co-Ass soon, so I really guessed that it would be the next year thing. I was totally wrong!!! She said that they would hold their wedding before her co-ass in September, which means it's in this year. *shock* While there's Ramadhan month in mid-July, and she said that the wedding should be held before Ramadhan. *double shock*
Just to make it clear, that conversation of us was in early April. So I was not exaggerating things when she said all of those things. She just had less than 3 months preparation. For a wedding!! I felt sorry I couldn't be much help for the preparation, I was still in Bandung at that time. But I helped as much as I could do, gave her some suggestions here and there when she needed. She told me about her wedding theme that mostly about fairy tale so she made it a garden party. Not a total garden party as you usually saw in movies, but it's still beautiful. I was asked to make an invitation wording for her. It's kinda hard to match the theme, but thankfully she satisfied with my works. :D

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My dream to be Korea trip

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Okay, first, I wanna give you an alert. This post is actually a post I made to win a gift. I don't know since when I became such a bounty hunter. hahaha. Well, who's on earth that didn't even want free stuffs? :p
Moreover, it's a Korea trip gift for 4 days and 3 night by Korean Tour Organization (KTO) together with Korean Air!! How tempting is that?? Well, actually, no matter where the trip is, I think I'll still take part of it. And it's Korea!! A country that (so far) just can be seen (by me) in its dramas, or movies, or MVs, or even just a picture. Oh, btw, it's called Asian On Air Program. :)

It's dreaming tiiiiiimeeee..... \(^o^)/
Why I said "dreaming time"? Because it's pretty clear that I am still here, typing this post, wondering what will I do IF I can be one of those lucky bloggers. Now, if you may, I would present you: things I want TO DO, if I get to visit Korea. Drumroll please... :D

1. EAT
Okay, if you think I'm kidding by stating that, no-no, you're wrong. I'm very serious about it. Honestly, I think the next Korean wave to spread all over the world after K-Drama and K-Pop is K-Cuisine. I want to eat as many Korean food as I can try. Call me a pig whatsoever, but. Oh, wait, I don't wanna be called as pig. Okay, how about passionately-food-loving-girl? Yeah, that's better.
Call me a passionately-food-loving-girl whatsoever, but in fact, Korean foods are all tempting! Bibimbap (비빔밥), ttokpokki (떡볶이), samgyetang (삼계탕), jajangmyun (짜장면), kimbab (김밥), or tofu stew (순두부찌개), you name it. Even my friends were all like drooling over a variety show just because there's some eating scenes, which I'm pretty sure, it's involving what so called food. They even loved my home made kimbab! :D

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Teruntuk: Kamu (2)

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Belum tuntas ku bongkar kotak masa lalu itu, saat kamu kembali menyapa hidupku. Aku tersenyum. Tapi bahkan aku tidak tahu senyum apa itu?
Bahagiakah aku, kau menemukanku lagi? Atau berpura-purakah aku, menyangkal tangis berharap tak kan pernah lagi menemukanmu?

Have you ever seen your face,
in a mirror there's a smile  

Tunggu. Bukan. Bukan keduanya.
Bahagiakah aku atas kemenanganku melawan masa laluku? Atau berpura-purakah aku, menyangkal ketakutanku pada kembalimu? Entahlah.

But inside you're just a mess,
you feel far from good 

Tentu kau tak juga tahu. Kau hanya melihat senyumku tanpa mengartikannya. Karena kamu adalah kamu. Kamu yang sama, batinku.

Kembali aku buka kotak itu. Satu hal yang belum sempat ku kenang. Amplop hitam dengan sebuah hiasan origami bentuk hati yang biasa aku buat, tanpa perangko di sudutnya. Amplop yang tak pernah aku kirimkan.

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