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I find a post by 9gag said that, "You know you're old when you have more wedding invitation than a birthday party." and yeah, I know I'm old. It's my lifetime best friend's wedding!
It's a very late post btw, but who cares. It's Anda's wedding. \(^o^)/

beautiful isn't it?

I was very surprised when she mentioned about her boyfriend, which is also my high school and college friend, coming to her house, along with his parents. I thought there would be some engagement thing first, since Anda herself hadn't finish her medical school yet. But her parents said there's no need such engagement, "If you two really want to get marry, just marry then," that's what they said. Furthermore, Anda said that she would have her Co-Ass soon, so I really guessed that it would be the next year thing. I was totally wrong!!! She said that they would hold their wedding before her co-ass in September, which means it's in this year. *shock* While there's Ramadhan month in mid-July, and she said that the wedding should be held before Ramadhan. *double shock*
Just to make it clear, that conversation of us was in early April. So I was not exaggerating things when she said all of those things. She just had less than 3 months preparation. For a wedding!! I felt sorry I couldn't be much help for the preparation, I was still in Bandung at that time. But I helped as much as I could do, gave her some suggestions here and there when she needed. She told me about her wedding theme that mostly about fairy tale so she made it a garden party. Not a total garden party as you usually saw in movies, but it's still beautiful. I was asked to make an invitation wording for her. It's kinda hard to match the theme, but thankfully she satisfied with my works. :D

She also sent me many pictures of the place and some wedding dresses. It was all beautiful. For the place, it's an open hall at Manohara hotel, which is exactly in the Borobudur temple area. And for the dress, she chose to mix traditional and modern for her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses, gown in the inside and kebaya on the outside. But for the akad, she would wear all kebaya set with batik cloth called jarik.
I went home a week before the wedding, thought I can help with the finishing works although just a little. I accompanied her to do her last fitting before the wedding, and the dress was beautiful. All day long being her assistant, I'm amazed how she could manage all of those preparations in such a short time. Salute.
On the D-Day, everything's looked gorgeous, beautiful. The place, the set, the decor was just beautiful. My dress's too. The bridesmaid dresses were kind of plain gown with Balinese kebaya style for the outer. We shared the same dress room, and Anda was very gorgeous that day in her white kebaya. I feel happy for her. :)
we're on the wedding podium :D

When the day's over, Anda and Chattra, her husband, left early for the video shoot. She said the documentary is including a video of the wedding in the form of a music video. It took quite a long time to finally see the result of the video, but it's really worth the wait. The video clip is a masterpiece. It's beautiful! I almost cry everytime I saw the part when Anda's mother was crying to hear Anda's thank speech.
This is the beautiful video of their wedding, the song is perfect. It always makes me realize that my childhood friend is a wife now. Still couldn't believe that! Seems like just yesterday we played stupid hero act from The Legend of The Condor Heroes. hahaha... It also makes me wondering how my wedding will be someday. hehehe... :3

Oh, not only the video is beautiful, the pictures taken were great. If you curious about who take responsibility of the documentary part, it's Colorful Photography from Yogyakarta. Just in case you need some reference for your wedding, here's their Facebook page. All photos and video above credits go to Colorful Photography.

Everyone has their own fairy tale to live on,
as us now end a chapter and begin another,
as happily ever after...
(Anda and Chattra, 2012)

Adios! ^^

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