My dream to be Korea trip

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Okay, first, I wanna give you an alert. This post is actually a post I made to win a gift. I don't know since when I became such a bounty hunter. hahaha. Well, who's on earth that didn't even want free stuffs? :p
Moreover, it's a Korea trip gift for 4 days and 3 night by Korean Tour Organization (KTO) together with Korean Air!! How tempting is that?? Well, actually, no matter where the trip is, I think I'll still take part of it. And it's Korea!! A country that (so far) just can be seen (by me) in its dramas, or movies, or MVs, or even just a picture. Oh, btw, it's called Asian On Air Program. :)

It's dreaming tiiiiiimeeee..... \(^o^)/
Why I said "dreaming time"? Because it's pretty clear that I am still here, typing this post, wondering what will I do IF I can be one of those lucky bloggers. Now, if you may, I would present you: things I want TO DO, if I get to visit Korea. Drumroll please... :D

1. EAT
Okay, if you think I'm kidding by stating that, no-no, you're wrong. I'm very serious about it. Honestly, I think the next Korean wave to spread all over the world after K-Drama and K-Pop is K-Cuisine. I want to eat as many Korean food as I can try. Call me a pig whatsoever, but. Oh, wait, I don't wanna be called as pig. Okay, how about passionately-food-loving-girl? Yeah, that's better.
Call me a passionately-food-loving-girl whatsoever, but in fact, Korean foods are all tempting! Bibimbap (비빔밥), ttokpokki (떡볶이), samgyetang (삼계탕), jajangmyun (짜장면), kimbab (김밥), or tofu stew (순두부찌개), you name it. Even my friends were all like drooling over a variety show just because there's some eating scenes, which I'm pretty sure, it's involving what so called food. They even loved my home made kimbab! :D

Bibimbap (비빔밥)
Samgyetang (삼계탕)
Jajangmyun (짜장면)
Tteokopokki (떡볶이)

Seriously, who can resist that?? I've watched Family Outing 1, The Great Jang Geum, and many other movies or dramas or varieties that involving food, and I was just like, "Okay, I have to try that someday, and that, and also that. Oooh..that seems delicious.." So, yes, I am definitely going to eat those Korean foods as I get there.

Oh, and there's one thing I really want to do for a very long time, spiciness comparison. Basically, I want to try spicy foods in Korea, and compare it to my tolerance of spicy.
I once watched this show Experiments of Human Body where one of the episodes is experimenting the world's most spicy pepper. And they were all like burning in hell! I don't know whether they just made it for the sake of variety show or that's really the truth, but from what I've read or watched somewhere, most of Korean people like spicy foods. Yeah, sure, watching them eating a raw pepper for a snack without anything else, is somewhat unimaginable for me. I, as an Indonesian, love spicy foods, but I won't even dare eating a pepper like that. That's why I'm always wondering how spicy is a food that Korean people usually eat that makes Lee Kwangsu became like this:

His face was just epic!! hahaha...

I love to see a history site or traditional life, because by that I can see the unique of some place that can't be found anywhere else. Gyeongbokgung (경복궁) palace is a must place to visit in Korea. It will be legendary if I can take a picture like a Korean princess there. An imported Korean princess. hahaha... :D
Gyeongbokgung's main hall
And don't forget the Hanok tours at Bukcheon Hanok Village (북촌 한옥 마을) or Korean Folk Village (민속촌) in Gyeonggi. Take a walk sightseeing along those traditional houses will be great. I wonder if I can stay in a Hanok while I'm in Korea, it will be awesome! Yeah, I wish. :)
at Bukcheon Hanok Village
at Minseokcheon Folk Village

I think there's sooo many places in Korea that worth to explore for its nature. If I can, I would love to explore every of them. But, what I love to explore most is Jeju island (제주도), the famous island of South Korea. It will be even more great to explore by bike, feeling the breeze as you move along the roads. hahaha... Okay, maybe I don't know exactly how the tracks are or how far it is from one spot to another, but from the beautiful pictures I've ever seen, it will be nice if I can go biking there, stopping at a green hill right before the sea and see far beyond the horizon.
This is what I'm talking about. :D
Another alternative if I couldn't do biking, mount trekking won't be less fun. There's mount Halla (한라산) ready to be conquered. I didn't have a mount climbing experience before, but I think I will be just fine doing some walks on Mount Halla. I see there's been an trekking path there. Well, not literary fine for sure, I'm sure I'll be exhausted at some point, but I guess it's pretty safe to be categorized as "fine". :D
Mount Halla
Last alternative, if I can't get anywhere near Jeju, walking or biking along Han river (한강) will be just fine. Maybe I can meet some celebrities there. hahaha... Talk about celebrities, I want to meet Yoo Jaesuk, or Kim Shin Young in person, they're so cute! :p

Anywhere I can be, like Namsan Tower (엔 서울타워), and riding it's cable car will be a great memory to have. Exploring city like using subway or bus or anything, meeting some familiar faces I knew from shows or movies or dramas I've watched if I'm lucky, and not forgetting to visit Myeongdong (명동), the famous shopping district. Actually I feel a little bit anxious to be in that so called shopping district, not that I love to shop, but when I find something so interesting I want to have, It's kinda difficult to just let it go. hahaha... Just some student's stereotype to minimize the expenses. LOL.
The gorgeous Namsan Tower
Myeongdong shopping district

Well, that's a wrap for what I want to do in South Korea. You think I couldn't accomplish it? I didn't call it dreaming time for nothing, anything can happen in dream. :D
And now, since I have put my effort by making this post, all I can do now is pray, let God do the rest. :D
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While if you want to participate in this contest too, here's the link. Asian on Air Program. It's due to September 23th, so better be hurry. Wish you luck folks! Of course, me too :p

Adios! ^^

Picture credits go to Korea Tourism Organization, Visit Korea, and Wikipedia. :)


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