Who am I?

I'm Spiderman. Haha...of course not. Not even in my dreams. :D

My name is Ratri Anggardani Prayitno. Friends call me Ratri. Currently, I'm a student at Telkom Institute of Technology in Bandung, majoring in Informatics Engineering. And this is my new blog with new concept, I write it in English!! LOL. :p
My passion is writing. I'm keeping a private journal also as a record for my own tale. And I like to learn many things, such as language. English is one of them, that's why I'm writing this blog in English. I know some Korean (hanguk) too, but my skill is still very poor. I learn it by myself though. Beside that two foreign language, I know Javanese, if it considered as one of worldwide languages. It's my mother tongue. So I can be considered to know 4 languages, if you agree. hahaha.... :D
Well, basically I'm trying to improve my writing skill and English skill at the same time. Hope it's gonna be a great blog to enjoy. Please, feel free to leave any comment, I'll appreciate it. Thank you.. :)

Adios! ^^