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Old quote

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I was reading my past blog and found this quote -if I may said- I posted. And I want to repost it here, with some changes.

Just remember what you've done to someone, maybe someday you'll just get your karma, then you'll realize that the universe has its own way of justice

Oh yeah, I'm one of the believer of the existence of karma, that what we've done might get back to us one day, that what we got is the one that we've planted. Well, maybe it's just my way of life so that I will think twice whenever I want to do something bad to someone. But I'd already been there though. And yeah, karma is a b*tch, that's what they say. True story. ;)

Adios! ^^

Review: The Alchemist

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Finally I read this book! So late to read it now maybe, but hey, it's never too late to read a book anyway. Book doesn't old. :D

As you -perhaps- already knew, it's about a boy named Santiago that traveled along the continent -if I may said- from Andalusia (Spain) to Egypt in order to find his hidden treasure buried beneath the pyramid, his Personal Legend. It all begin after he dreamed about finding some treasure on the pyramid, twice. Then he asked a gypsy woman about it who asked him for a share after he got the treasure. He also met a man that told him to go find that treasure. That man claimed himself as the king of Salem and then gave the boy two stones, Urim and Thummim, to help the boy in his journey when needed.
The boy sold all his sheep, crossed the sea, got robbed, and even trapped in a tribes war to get there. He met an english man when he tried to cross the desert. That man was also in his way finding his own Personal Legend, to find The Alchemist and learn from him.
Santiago also met a girl that made him fell in love in the first sight in an oasis. And so did the girl. Her name's Fatima. She became the biggest thing that held him back. Or I could say, obstacle. His big love for Fatima made him doubtful, whether to continue his journey till the end, or to stay right there in the oasis and live happily with her forever. Eventhough Fatima herself said that he should go on with his journey. But no one knew what desert could do to him. He might be died because of the tribes war or maybe lost in the desert. But still there's a chance that he could came back alive.

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Let me introduce you to Standing Egg, an indie band from South Korea. When I talk about South Korea's music, maybe your mind will directly land on K-Pop. But this thing stay on different road as K-Pop. How different? I don't know either. haha.. Okay, let me try. While most K-Pop now dominated by boyband or girlband with an up-beat-dance music, this band brings you some beautiful-easy-listening musics. Ugh! I give up. Just listen to it, and find the difference yourself. :p

The first time I hear its music is in the song 편한사이 (read: Pyeonhansai) featuring Windy in the Indie2Go project -YouTube video goes here-. My friend told me about it. And at that very first time, I knew I like it, I like the feel, I like their music. I browse more songs, and as expected, I love their songs! And now they're back with second album. Yay!!
Oh, and don't be surprised if you see different vocalist in different song. Most of them are featuring artists, like Clover and Windy. I personally, don't even know who are the members of this band actually, physically, how their looks like. In many sources, it just stated that there are 3 members, named Egg 1 (@golden_groove), Egg 2 (@standingEGG), and Egg 3 (@itelepathy)!! Well, it doesn't matter though how their looks like, their music that matter. :)
I'm done talking here, just check out more for yourself.

Here's where you can find them:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- and their web 

the song I hear the first time
the road I walk the first time
they are unfamiliar to me like me without you
.:Standing Egg-Aloha:.

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