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One in a while

posted by Ratri Anggardani Prayitno on

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Ok, I wasn't being "active" these past days, or should I say : this whole month. I didn't do something "great" or at least just "useful" in those days. I didn't even post anything in my blog for this month. I can't believe I was that failure and pathetic. Oh, wait, I believe it, it is pathetic that I said that I was pathetic. And now you know, that this is another trash post I made. Go on, keep on reading. You won't get something if you stop here. :)

Well, since I have realized it just now, all I can do left is to make it all way better than before. If I WAS a failure, then I WON'T be another failure. My messed life before, nothing I can do about it, but I still can do something to cover that thing. I will make my already-fail-thing things become really great that someday I won't regret. Yes, I'm gonna make use of it in every way.

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